Tsum Tsum Plush News! Little Mermaid and Christmas in Japan, Inside Out at Target and the US Disney Store expands their Tsum Tsum range

Hi all,

Today the Japanese Disney Store officially announced they will be getting the Little Mermaid set of Tsum Tsums next week! (On Oct 26th). They will have all the same Tsums that were released in the US but as always there may be minor differences (for example a felt flower on Ariel's hair instead of the stitched flower on the Disney Store version).

Also, an image appeared on Instagram that previewed a wreath with Christmas Tsum Tsums for the Japanese Disney Store coming out on November 1st. These Tsums are different than the ones that will be released in the US. There will likely be individual versions of these Tsums as well as Goofy and Pluto but not sure if they will come out at the same time or not.

Japan also has the upcoming 2nd Harajuku set coming in a few days so lots of exciting Tsums coming soon in Japan!

Staying in Asia for a minute. Just before the Shanghai Disney Store opened there were leaked pictures of a Shanghai exclusive set of Tsums wearing golden outfits that was expected to be available when the store opened. When the store opened the set did not appear; however, a few days ago the set finally appeared in the store! We have a set on the way so we will be sure to share pictures once it arrives!

Moving onto the US now... Last week we mentioned that Christmas and Frozen Tsums had started to appear at Target stores. Well this week we finally found them on the East Coast so hopefully they will have wide availability soon. On top of that we have heard reports of Inside Out Tsums starting to appear at Targets on the West Coast so they should be following soon after the Christmas and Frozen Tsums!

Now that we have covered the latest plush news I wanted to pass on some other Tsum Tsum related news.

First, while we were traveling the US Disney Store added a bunch of new Tsum Tsum related merchandise! They have added a new "D/Style" section with a bunch of stuff from Japan and a lot of it is Tsum Tsum themed!!! This includes bags, pens, blankets, plates, and more! You can find the full list of items by clicking here.

Next, as we mentioned on the blog a while ago there is an arcade version of the Tsum Tsum game in Japan that started being tested in the US a few months ago. Sadly there isn't any news about the US test but in Japan they just added a third wave of key chains you can get when you play the game (you can pay more and get a random Tsum Tsum key chain). We REALLY hope the game becomes wide spread in the US and look forward to playing it (and of course reporting about it) when we go to Japan next month!

That is all the news for now but keep checking back!




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