Battle Mode Gameplay

The Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game has two main modes of game: Puzzle which is very similar to the original Disney Tsum Tsum Mobile Game and Battle Mode. We will discuss Battle mode here while you can see information about Puzzle Mode by clicking here!

In Battle mode you will be fighting against an opponent. The opponents can be both Marvel Heroes and Villains.

Normally every 5th Mission on a stage will be a battle mission. The extra missions for a stage can also be Battle missions. In addition to the mission battles there is also a battle option instead of playing the Stage missions.

Unlike Puzzle games, in Battle games there is no timer. Instead you fight until you or your opponent has 0 Hit Points (Health). Whoever gets the other to 0 HPs first wins the game


You attack your opponent by clearing Tsums as you would in the regular mode. Exploding bombs near you enemy will also damage them as will many character powers.

Obviously the battle isn't one sided and your enemy will attack you back. These attacks can vary greatly and different opponents have different attacks. While there are the main attacks that reduce your hit points, they also have attacks that do things like make some Tsums on the screen unchainable for a period of time or will reduce your power charge level.


Whenever you clear a chain of 7 or more Tsums (or a character's power clears 7 or more Tsums) a bomb will appear. You click it to pop the bomb and it will clear all the Tsums that surround it. In addition, there are several types of bombs and they have different additional benefits. Some character's powers and abilities can also create bombs.


During the game there is a special "Rush" mode which is similar to "Mega Charge". When you are in Rush you will do extra damage to your opponent and they will be unable to attack you! You enter Rush after you have cleared a certain number of Tsums and lasts 10 seconds (You can see the gauge at the bottom of the screen to see how close you are to entering Rush or how long is left if you are already in Rush).

Character Types

Each character is one of 3 types: Blast, Power, or Speed. Each type is strong against one of the other types and weak against the other (sorta like Rock, Paper, Scissors). You can use this to your advantage when you select your team. If you Leader's type is strong against your enemy's type then you will do extra damage and they will do less damage to you!

  • Power is strong against Blast and weak against Speed
  • Blast is strong against Speed and weak against Power
  • Speed is strong against Power and weak against Blast


Before you start each game you are given the option to purchase Boosters. You select which Boosters you want to have and they will turn red. They will provide various benefits; however, they only last one game and are expensive. Most of them probably aren't the best choice when first starting out; however, the can be useful for putting you over the top for defeating an enemy. In addition to purchasing Boosters you will sometimes receive tickets good for a Booster from completing certain tasks

Booster Info
+Delay Booster Slows your enemy's movement and attacks
+Time Booster Increases your HPs by 10%
+Large Booster Increases the change that Large Tsum Tsums will appear
+Bomb Booster You will only have to chain 6 Tsums to get a bomb instead of 7

Battle Menu

If you click on the red "battle" button at the bottom of all non-game screens it will bring you to the battle menu.

From here you can select opponents to battle. They are divided into two types: Heroes and Villains!

Heroes are available certain days of the week and you can battle against them to earn various types of ISO-8 that you can use to increase your Tsum's power

Villains are normally available for a limited amount of time (and sometimes only for limited hours during the day). The currently available Villains will change over time. When you fight against a Villain there are two main things you can get that you can't get otherwise. First, you can get Violet ISO-8 which is required for the higher levels of character power. Second, you can also get a box that contains that Villain as a playable character!

We keep track of the current battle schedule on our Battle Mode Schedule Page here!

Co-Op Battles

One of the great new features in the game is the ability to team up with friends or people close by to fight enemies together!

When you team up with a friend your hit points will be shared and will be the combined total of both your team's hit points. Also, the rush gauge will be shared between both people so both of you clearing Tsums helps to get into rush quicker!

While there are two of you, there is still only one enemy which means they will sometimes be on your game board and sometimes on your friend's. When they are on your game board you will clear Tsums to damage the enemy as usual. When the enemy is on your friend's screen you play a support role and clear Tsums will heal you! Your enemy will switch back and forth frequently so be ready to play both roles!

Also, when you create a bomb you have a choice: You can either pop it like normal (and either damage your enemy or heal yourself depending on your current role) OR you can flick it to your friend's screen so they can use it!

When you are in Rush mode both of you will do damage to your enemy!

Starting a Co-Op Battle

To start a Co-Op battle one of you will have to serve as the "host".

To do this, after you click on the enemy you want to battle, you will click on the "Search for partner" button

After that, your friend can click the "Join Battles" Button on the main Battle menu

They will then see a list of friends and people nearby looking for a battle partner. Clicking on one of these battles will join them to the battle

After that you will both have the battle start screen with both of you listed. At this point you both just need to press Start to start the battle!

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