Clear Card Prize

Card 1 - (100 points) +Time ticket

Card 2 - (160 points) +Score ticket

Card 3 - (200 points) 5 Hearts

Card 4 - (260 points) +Time ticket

Card 5 - (300 points) 500 coins

Card 6 - (360 points) +Bubble ticket

Card 7 - (400 points) 5->4 ticket

Card 8 - (450 points) 3x +Time tickets

Card 9 - (550 points) Princess Leia

Card 10 - (600 points) 2x +Bubble tickets

Card 11 - (650 points) 1000 coins

Card 12 - (670 points) 2x +Time tickets

Card 13 - (750 points) Princess Leia

Card 14 - (770 points) 2x +Bubble tickets

Card 15 - (800 points) 1500 coins


Card 16 - (820 points) 5->4 ticket

Card 17 - (900 points) Princess Leia

Card 18 - (910 points) 3x + Time tickets

Card 19 - (930 points) 2000 coins

Card 20 - (970 points) 2x +Score tickets

Card 21 - (1000 points) Princess Leia Tsum

Card 22 - (1100 points) Premium Ticket

Card 23 - (1200 points) 2500 coins

Card 24 - (1300 points) 2x 5->4 tickets

Card 25 - (1600 points) Princess Leia Tsum

Card 26 - (1700 points) 3x 5->4 Tickets

Card 27 - (1900 points) 3000 coins

Card 28 - (2000 points) Skill Ticket

Card 29 - (2500 points) Princess Leia Tsum

Card 30 - (3000 points) Empire Pin

Tsum Tsum Star Wars Event: Part 2 Information

The second part of the Star Wars special event for the International version of the game is finally here! We have put together this page to help explain the 2nd part of the event and give some helpful tips and tricks about how to win the event! Part II starts June 1st and run through June 19th

Part II of the event is completely different from part 1. In this event you are "attacked" by Star Destroyers that you have to defeat. There are a total of 30 Star Destroyer "cards" and each battle is a little harder than the previous one

You defeat the Star Destroyers by clearing Storm Troopers that will appear randomly during games. You can clear Stormtroopers by hitting them with Magic Bubbles or with your Tsum Tsum's skill. You will get 10 points toward defeating the Star Destroyer for each Stormtrooper you clear.

If you use one of the Star Wars Tsum Tsums (except C-3PO and Princess Leia) you will get a bonus towards the points you get per Stormtrooper.
  • Yoda +140%
  • Darth Vader +100%
  • Luke Skywalker +80%
  • BB-8 +48%
  • R2-D2 +20%

You have 60 minutes to defeat each Star Destroyer. If you fail, the Star Destroyer will "retreat" and then return shortly (normally after playing a game or two). When they return they will have some of their points back; however, they will still be partially damaged from your previous battle making it easier.

One great thing in this event is that you can help friends with their battles! When you go to play a game, over the "Play!" button will be an indicator about your current battle and on the right will be a button that looks like a ladder. Clicking on that will bring up a list of friends that are currently in battles and you can select one to help. When you help a friend, during the game a capsule will appear and if you get it (via Magical Bubbles or Tsum skill like other capsules) at the end of the game you will get a prize. Prizes can include item tickets (5->4, +Bubbles, etc) and even C-3PO Tsums! Also, the Stormtroopers you clear will get double points when helping a friend. Friends can do up to 90% of the damage to a Star Destroyer but you have to finish it off yourself.

Tsum Tsum Star Wars Event: Part 2 Tips and Tricks

Overall this event is pretty straightforward. You just keep battling Star Destroyers and clearing Stormroopers. The best part of the event is the ability to help friends as it is a great way to get a bunch of item tickets and to max out C-3PO! Because of this, the more friends you have the better. Both so you can help them and they can help you. If you are looking for friends you can check out our official Add Me thread here or since friends are such a vital part of this event feel free to leave your Line ID in the comments to try to find more friends too!

Do you have any other tips or tricks for the event? If so, let us know in the comments below and we can add them to the list!

Looking for help on the Bingo cards? Check out our other bingo card pages:Looking for more friends to add in game? Check out our official Add Me thread here

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