Disney Tsum Tsum Mobile Game Frozen Event Guide

Clear Card Prizes

Card 1 - 2 +Score Tickets

Card 2 - 3 Hearts

Card 3 - 3,000 Coins

Card 4 - 2 +Score Tickets

Card 5 - Premium Ticket

Card 6 - 3 5->4 Tickets

Card 7 - 7,000 Coins

Card 8 - 10,000 Coins

Card 9 - Skill Ticket, Silver Pin

Card 10 - Gold Pin


Frozen Event Information

The Frozen special event for the International version of the game is here! We have put together this page to help explain the event and give some helpful tips and tricks about how to win the event!

To start the event you have to select the event "card". This is done the same way as selecting a Bingo card by pressing the cards button in the lower left hand corner of the Weekly Ranking Screen. Once you click that if you are currently playing a bingo card you can click the button in the lower left that says "Frozen" to switch to the event card. Once you do that, if you haven't already started the event card you need to click the big Start Button on the card. There will be 10 different cards during the event. The event will end the night of September 24th. When you complete each card you will get a prize

On each card there will be a series of missions that you must complete. The missions are similar to Bingo Card missions and you must complete a mission to move to the next one. Some missions will have a treasure chest or a character on the spot for the mission on the card. When you complete those missions you will get an extra prize.

You complete missions slightly differently than Bingo Card missions. Instead of having a specific goal for the mission you will have a more generic category (for example the mission will be "Collect Coins" instead of "Collect 500 Coins"). You will get between 1 and 3 flowers depending on how well you do with the mission. You must collect three flowers to complete the mission; however, you can do that over several games. For example if the mission is "Trigger Fever" and you need to Trigger Fever 2 times to get 1 flower, 3 times to get 2 flowers, or 4 times to get 3 flowers, if you trigger it 4 times in 1 game you will be done with the mission right away; however, if you can only manage to trigger it 2 times and get 1 flower you can play again and again to get the additional 2 flowers you need to complete the mission. This makes it easier to progress through the event even if it takes a bit longer.

Some missions are "Character" Missions and there will be either a wolf, Marshmallow, or a Rock Troll on the mission spot on the board

When you play a "Wolf" mission, wolves will appear while you are playing. You need to clear them by hitting them with a magic bubbles or your Tsum's skill 1 time

When you play a "Marshmallow" mission, Marshmallow will appear during the game and you need to clear him by hitting him with a magic bubble or your Tsum's skill 3 times. While he is on the game board he will throw "snow" that will cover part of the screen. It will fade after a few seconds or you can clear it with a magic bubble or your Tsum's skill as well. It doesn't really do anything; however, it hides the Tsums underneath it making it harder to make a chain

When you play a "Troll" mission, Rock Troll Tsums will replace one of the normal Tsums that appear in the game. You clear them just like any other Tsum via chains or magic bubbles

The new Frozen Tsum Tsums introduced this month will give you a bonus when completing missions. So if you have one of the new Tsums and you are struggling with a mission using them can make it significantly easier

The first 6 Event Cards are available immediately and the last 4 will become available starting September 12th

Tsum Tsum Mobile Frozen Event Tips and Tricks

Overall the event is fairly straight forward especially if you are used to Bingo Cards; however, some of the missions can be long... Here are some tips to help win the event easier:

  • You can use multiple games to collect the 3 flowers you need to finish the mission
  • The new Frozen Tsum Tsums give a bonus to your mission progress which can really help speed things up
  • For the wolf and Marshmallow missions save your magic bubbles and Tsum skills for when they are on the board to help clear them faster

Do you have any other tips or tricks for the event? If so, let us know in the comments below and we can add them to the list!

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