A look at the 2017 Vinyl Marvel Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar with a Giveaway courtesy of Entertainment Earth!

The Marvel Vinyl Tsum Tsum Advent calendar is starting to show up and stores and we take a look at what it contains (warning: Spoilers about the contents in the post). Even better, thanks to Entertainment Earth we have one to give away to a lucky Tsum Tsum fan!

First lets take a look at the front and back of the box:

The Calendar has 24 doors, one for each day of December leading up to Christmas. It includes a total of 6 Large Tsum Tsums, 6 Medium Tsum Tsums, 6 Small Tsum Tsums, and 6 Accessories.

Here is the inside of the Advent Calendar once you open it up:

So now lets start taking a look at what is inside each day!

Day 1: An Infinity Gauntlet Accessory

Day 2: A Large Nick Fury

Day 3: A Large Ghost Rider

Day 4: A Small Ant Man

Day 5: A Snow Covered Squirrel Girl Accessory

Day 6: A Medium Squirrel Girl

Day 7: A Small Groot

Day 8: A Medium Black Widow

Day 9: A Small Loki

Day 10: A Snow Covered Hulk Accessory

Day 11: Medium Captain America

Day 12: Large Star Lord

Day 13: Large Hulk

Day 14: Ghost Rider Accessory

Day 15: Medium Gamora

Day 16: Small Thor

Day 17: Large Spider-Man

Day 18: Small Mary Jane

Day 19: Snow Covered Spider-Man Accessory

Day 20: Medium Iron Man

Day 21: Large Thanos

Day 22: Small Rocket Raccoon

Day 23: Star Lord Accessory

Day 24: Medium Doctor Strange

Before making comments here is a picture of everything you will have once you have opened all the doors:

Ok, so thoughts about this Advent Calendar. Overall the variety of characters in the calendar is great; however, it does contain a lot of "regular" Tsum Tsums that have previous been available. If you haven't been collecting the Marvel Vinyl Tsum Tsums or don't have many Marvel characters (or have kids that are likely to lose some of the Tsum Tsums) the calendar is perfect since you won't end up with any duplicate characters unlike the normal packs. The accessories again are the same as ones that have previously been available (although some of glitter "snow" making them more unique).

Overall I wish there were a few new "unique" things exclusive to the calendar; however, it is still really cute and will be great for kids to fill out (or start) their collection.

The calendar is currently available at the following link:
Marvel Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar at Entertainment Earth

You can also find the Disney version of the Advent Calendar here:
Disney Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar Wave 2 at Entertainment Earth

As mentioned previously, curtesy of Entertainment Earth we have a Marvel Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar to giveaway! This giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada who are 18 years of age or older (for our non-North American fans we will be having a couple of worldwide giveaways coming soon for the holidays!).

You can enter here:
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