Tsum Tsum Vinyls Series 2 have started to appear in stores!

Last week the Tsum Tsum Vinyl Series 2 checklist leaked out and now that have started to appear in Toys R Us! Several people have found Series 2 packs in California so hopefully they will be spreading across the US soon!

So what are the differences between Series 1 and 2? Well, Series 2 includes many of the same characters as Series 1; however, it fills in several of the characters that weren't available in all sizes (for example only Large Elsa was available in Series 1 but all three sizes are listed in Series 2). In addition to filling in missing character sizes there are a lot of new characters as well. These include characters from Inside Out, Big Hero 6, Toy Story and Little Mermaid as well as various "classic" Disney characters like Snow White, Jiminy Cricket, Chip and Bambi. Finally, they dropped several characters from Series 1 so those may become harder to find. These include Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Figaro, White Rabbit, Lucky, Tigger, Marie, Sebastian, and Anna. It is possible they will return in a future series especially since several of these were only available in 1 or 2 sizes.

Lets take a closer look at the Series 2 checklist:

Another thing to notice is a new "rarity" scale for series 2 with characters being marked "Common", "Lucky", and "Super Lucky". What those mean exactly remains to be seen; however, it may be similar to Series 1 where certain figures were only available in the 9 packs or in the Mystery bags (with the ones only available in Mystery bags being more rare than the rest).

As mentioned before, the Series 2 Vinyls have started to appear in Toys R Us stores in CA. Lucky for us, two of the people that found them have taken pictures of them and are kindly lettings us use them here

First, here are several pictures of the new Series 2 3-packs (pictures curtesy of Laura Marie Stancil Martinson):

Here are some pictures of the Tsums outside of their packs (pictures curtesy of Alex Bañuelos)

Do you collect the Tsum Tsum Vinyls? Are you excited about series 2?

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