Upcoming Tsum Tsum Plush News for October and beyond!

There are a lot of new Tsum Tsums coming out soon! Between the various Japanese releases, the mega Tsum Tsum Tuesday next month, and lots of Tsums coming to Target here is a lot to talk about! So we thought it was time to round up all the current news (and rumors).

First lets start with Japan, which has been pretty quite lately... but that isn't to last long as they have a lot of upcoming releases!

First, their Halloween Tsum Tsums are being released today. Included are 9 mini Tsums, one set of 4 mini Tsums with a cute pumpkin holder, and medium Donald and Daisy Halloween Tsums

Next, on October 18th the Japanese Disney Store is releasing a special set of 15 Tsums to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Tsum Tsums being released. The set will be LE 5000 so hopefully it will be easier to get than the 1st Anniversary set released last year (with 40 Tsums) and the Maihama 15th Anniversary set released a few months ago.

Next, on Oct 23rd, the special adult women's focused Harajuku Disney Store is releasing another limited edition set very similar to the one that was released last year; however, instead of Miss Bunny being included in the set it will be Clarice!

Finally, we have some more details about Tsums at the D23 Japan Expo in November. A little while ago pictures of some small sets that corresponded to the sets released at the main D23 Expo were released. It now appears that these will not actually be Tsum Tsum sets but instead will be much smaller "key chains". It also appears that the many rumors that the same sets released at D23 Anaheim would appear at D23 Japan and that most of the "LE2000" was saved for Japan with a much smaller number released in Anaheim were true. Currently we don't know of any unique Tsums to be released at D23 Japan other than the "key chains" but you never know.

That is what we know for sure about upcoming Tsums in Japan but you can be sure they will have Christmas themed Tsums coming soon too and they could be completely different than the ones released in the US.

Next, lets move onto Target in the US. In the last couple days Frozen Tsums have started appearing in Target stores (mostly in the mid-west). It had long been rumored that Frozen would be the next set released at Target so this wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was that Christmas Tsums started to appear as well! These are the same Christmas Tsums that were released in Japan, the online US Disney Store, and the foreign Disney Parks last year... so if you missed them last year you have another chance to get them all! As with all the Target Tsums they will probably be slowly spreading across the US over the next couple weeks; however, we actually found medium Olaf Tsums in our local Target today and we are normally one of the last places to get the new Tsums so hopefully they will be available everywhere more quickly this time.

Now finally onto the Disney Store. As we previously reported the European Disney Stores announced more Tsums for next month's Tsum Tsum Tuesday than were announced by the US Disney Store. Since their releases are normally the same we expect to see them all released in the US as well. To recap these include: Peter Pan, Christmas, a 4 Tsums Frozen Fever set in an Olaf carrier, and Mega Tsums.

As far as other upcoming Tsums in the US. Some Lion King Tsums have started to appear on e-bay so along with rumors of an upcoming Lion King set it seems likely that December or January's set will be Lion King.

Next, we wanted to mention a few things about the newly released Marvel Tsums. Unlike previous sets it seems that the Disney Store had a HUGE number of Marvel Tsums and it seems likely these will become "regular" Tsums that get restocked often (like the core characters and now the expression Tsums in the US). Also, if you haven't been to a Disney Store since they were released they have their own special section in the store complete with unique display cases and decorations. So it seems that the Marvel Tsums are going to be a completely different line of Tsums with possible future releases.

When the Marvel Tsums were first released in Hong Kong last month their tags hinted at future Tsums. With the release in the Disney Store we get additional hints with a few added Avengers and Spider-Man characters. When we will see the next set of Marvel Tsums is unknown. It is also unknown if they will be released beside or instead of other Tsum Tsum sets on a future Tsum Tsum Tuesday. Either way it seems a pretty good bet that we will see more Marvel Tsums before too long.

The final bit of news that came from Tsum Tsum Tuesday was more details about the Tsum Tsum Subscription. The subscription will be available starting tomorrow and they keep saying it will be limited so who knows how quickly it will fill up. Hopefully everyone that wants to get the subscription is able to!

That is all the news for now... what Tsums are you most exicted about?




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