Tsum Tsum Plush News Roundup! Halloween in Japan, Toy Story at Target, Sets Re-Released, and D23

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last few days; however, we were at Disneyland Paris and our hotel's wifi wasn't working the entire time we were there.

There were a number of plush developments in the last week that we want to keep you aware of!

First, the Japanese Disney Store added a Halloween Teaser image to their website that included new Halloween Tsums! Expected to be released in early October are 9 new mini Tsums (Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, and a Pumpkin), a Pumpkin Bag set (with Chip, Dale, Donald, and Daisy inside), and 2 medium Tsums (Donald and Daisy). Unknown still is if the US Disney Store will also be releasing Halloween Tsums and if so, if they will be the same ones.

Next, as we predicted in a previous blog post, Toy Story Tsums have started to appear in Target Stores in the US! These include medium Lotso and Little Green Alien who were previously exclusive to Japan! Currently we have only had reports of the medium Tsums arriving in West Coast Targets; however, we expect all the Toy Story Tsums to be making their way across the US over the next couple of weeks.

In the next bit of *very* interesting news, the UK Disney Store Facebook page posted the following post asking for people to vote on which older set they want to see re-released! Since none of the "Tsum Tsum Tuesday" Tsums have technically been limited editions we had wondered if they would ever re-release any of them. Now we seem to have the answer. It is an open question if these would only be in the UK/Europe or would also appear in the US but either way this means that if you missed out on some of the older sets there is a chance they might come back to the Disney Store at some point!

Sticking to the Disney Store, we have also heard reports of Medium sized Piglet and Dumbo Tsums arriving at some US Disney Stores for the first time. They are not available at all stores yet and aren't listed on the website. It is possible they will see a wide release on Tsum Tsum Tuesday in a week and a half (like medium and large Baymax started appearing before their official release). It is also unknown if medium Tigger and Eeyore will appear as well (in Japan they have had medium Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore in the past)

In Disney Parks news the entire Aladdin set of Tsum Tsums have arrived in the US Parks. After visiting Disneyland Paris this week it is interesting to see how different they handle Tsum Tsums to the US Parks. Instead of being restricted to just one store in Downtown Disney they were EVERYWHERE around the parks. A lot of the stores had them and even a merchandise cart in Fantasyland had a big selection of Tsum Tsums! Wonder if the US Parks will expand their availability at some point in the future.

Finally we wanted to mention all the Tsums that were released at D23. We will be adding these Tsums to the website soon; however, since we weren't at D23 we don't have all of them to take pictures of. If you have them and are willing to take a picture of them for possible use on the website please do the following:

1) Take a clear close up landscape picture of the front of each Tsum (preferably on a white background)
2) Send the picture (at least 1000 pixels wide) to [email protected]
3) In your e-mail let us know if you would like credit and if so, how you would like your name credited

Obviously we can't guarantee we will use your picture but want to be able to have actual images for as many as possible

Currently we have pictures for: Mini Sorcerer Mickey, Mini Chernabog, Mini Hyacinth Hippo, and Mini Baby Pegasus

Here is a list of all the Tsums released at D23:

Mini: Sorcerer Mickey, Chernabog, Yen Sid*, Hyacinth Hippo, Ben Ali Gator, Baby Pegasus, and Hop Low*
Medium: Sorcerer Mickey, Pegasus
Large: Sorcerer Mickey, Hyacinth Hippo

Mini: Geppetto*, Pinocchio (with Donkey Ears), Honest John*, Gideon*, Lampwick as Donkey, The Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket (with conscious badge)*, and Monstro
Medium: Blue Fairy, Pinocchio
Large: Monstro

Steamboat Willie
Mini: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pete*, Goat*
Medium: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse
Large: Mickey Mouse

*Exclusive to LE2000 Sets

That is it for now... as we find out more we will be sure to pass it on... and not long until September's Tsum Tsum Tuesday!!




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