Tsum Tsum plush news round up from around the world

Hi all,

Things have been pretty busy here recently and there hasn't been much "big" news on the Tsum Tsum plush front; however, there have been a few things recently from all over the world so want to pass on the information

First, in the US, at Target a 3rd set of Tsums has started to appear in some stores. This set includes Snow White and a few of the dwarfs as well as Bambi and Thumper. Like the other sets it seems like availability has started on the west coast and is working its way east so hopefully within the next week or two they will be available everywhere.

Second, in Shanghai, the world's newest and largest Disney Store opened today. They have some exclusive Shanghai merchandise including some exclusive Tsums! They include some of the basic characters (Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, etc) but with gold clothes that have Shanghai in Chinese characters written on them.

Next, in Japan, as we previously reported the clothing retailer UNIQLO is releasing some special Tsum Tsums that are paired with a t-shirt. It sounds like these are going to be difficult to get and may be limited to two sets per person at launch (a set being one t-shirt along with one Tsum). Hopefully these aren't limited edition and will be restocked (and maybe come to other countries eventually) but sadly no guarantee about that.

Finally, in the UK, the card retailer Clinton's, who first launched Tsums in the UK has released some information about upcoming new releases. When they first launched in the UK it was expected that they would be releasing new ranges of Tsums every month or so; however, after releasing the 2nd wave earlier than expected nothing has been said about more until now. Based on cards that they have been giving out to customers it looks like there will be at least four more sets coming to Clintons including Snow White in July, Toy Story and Alice in Wonderland in August, and Frozen in October.

I think that sums up the recent Tsum Tsum news from around the world for now. Other than that there have been a few rumors about what is coming next for the US and Japanese Disney stores but nothing too solid yet but we will be sure to let you know when we find out more info!!




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