Tsum Tsum Plush News Roundup - New "Candy" Set in Japan, Tsum Tsums at Target, and more!

Hi all,

Not a lot of new news; however, there are a few things I wanted to pass along.

The first is that the Japanese Disney Store just announced a new "Tsum Tsum Candy" set of Tsum Tsums that will be released this Friday (March 20th). The set includes Pooh, Piglet, Mike, and Sulley all of which are dressed in candy "wrappers". The set of four comes inside a big candy "wrapper". They are also releasing a bunch of related merchandise in addition to the actual Tsum Tsum plush.

Staying with Japan, a few weeks ago a new Disney Store opened in Harajuku, Tokyo. This Disney Store is different than a "regular" Disney Store as it is focused on merchandise for adult women. As part of its grand opening they released an exclusive limited edition set of Tsum Tsums. There is also another of these new stores opening in Osaka next month and they too will have a limited edition set for the grand opening. Originally it was thought that these two sets would be the same; however, with recently released pictures of the Osaka set it appears that they will be slightly different (The dress colors appear to be different).

Moving away from Japan and to the US there was some big news for Tsum Tsum collectors. Tsum Tsums have started appearing at Target stores in the US. Currently they are only available in a few stores, mostly on the West Coast, but they should be slowly appearing at Target stores nationwide. The tags for these Tsum Tsums are labeled as "Disney Collection" instead of the usual "Disney Store" tags. Once we are able to get some we will post side by side comparisons of them. The first "wave" of Tsum Tsums includes all the core characters (Mickey and Friends, Pooh and friends, Stitch, etc) including Goofy and Lady who aren't currently available at the Disney Store. What do you think of Tsum Tsums becoming available at non-Disney stores in the US? Let us know in the comments below!

Keeping with the US, the US Disney Store has added a few new Tsum Tsum related products including Tsum Tsum "Pencil Cases" that have been available in Japan for awhile as well as some new clothing items.

Finally, Duffy and ShellieMay Tsum Tsums have been exclusively available in Hong Kong for several months; however, this week mini and medium Duffy Tsum Tsums have appeared at the US Parks! Since there currently no ShellieMay merchandise in the US it seems likely that she will remain exclusive to Hong Kong for now.




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