Tsum Tsum Plush News! Fall and Winter Duffy and Friends Tsum Tsums coming to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Duffy's friend StellaLou arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland and with her they previewed some upcoming merchandise including Fall and Winter Duffy and Friends Tsum Tsums!

Sadly it doesn't appear there will be a StellaLou Tsum Tsum just yet but we should see Fall and Winter Duffy, ShellieMay, and Gelatoni Tsum Tsums as seen in this picture! Winter Duffy and ShellieMay are under Winter Gelatoni and have outfits like the winter plush in front of them. Fall Gelatoni is not shown in this picture so there might not be a fall Gelatoni; however, all the recent seasonal Tsum Tsums have included all three so it would be strange for him to not be part of the fall release too.




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