Tsum Tsum Pin News! A Look at the Latest New Pins at the Parks... Villains and Star Wars Series 2!

Recently the US Disney Parks have added two new blind bag Tsum Tsum pin sets!

The first is a new Villains set that includes a total of 9 different characters. The pins are sold in "blind" boxes of two pins so you don't know which two you will get. Here is a picture of all of the pins in the set except Lady Tremaine. Each box of two pins costs $15.99 + tax so about $8.00/pin + tax

Next up is the 2nd series of Star Wars pins. This set includes 17 different characters and is sold in blind bags of 5 pins. Each bag costs $27.99 + tax so around $5.60/pin. Again since they are blind bags you don't know which pins you will get.

One difference between these two sets are the size of the pins. The Star Wars pins are noticibly smaller than the Villains pins; however, this makes sense since they cost less per pin. Here is a picture to compare the size of the pins:

Both sets are available on the Shop Parks mobile app and should be available in the parks as well!




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