Tsum Tsum Plush News! First Look at D23 Tsum Tsum Sets!

The D23 Expo starts in just a few days and we finally have pictures of the Tsum Tsum Sets that will be released there! A total of 4 sets will be released, a Stormtooper Set, a Pixar Shorts Set, a Mary Poppins Set, and a Rescue Rangers Set!

They will be released at the Disney Store at the Expo with different sets released each day. The Mary Poppins, Pixar Shorts, and Stormtrooper sets will each to Limited Edition 1000 sets and we expect the Rescue Rangers set to be the same; however, we aren't positive about that.

Some now lets look at the sets!

First is Mary Poppins which includes 4 Tsum Tsums: Mary, Bert, a Penguin, and a Carousel Horse. The set should retail for $29.95 + tax and as mentioned before will be LE 1000 (and we think should be released on Friday).

Next, is a Stormtrooper "Through the Years" set that will include 6 different types of Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers. It should also retail for $29.95 + tax and be LE 1000 (and we think should also be released on Friday).

Next is an 8 Tsum Tsum Pixar Shorts set that includes 2 Tsums from each of 4 Pixar Shorts: For the Birds, Presto, Boundin', and Piper. The set will retail for $54.95 + tax (and be LE 1000). Based on a leak of the Sheep from Boundin' it is possible the sheep fleece will come off the Tsum Tsum; however, we don't know for sure.

Finally is the Rescue Ranger set (the one we are most excited about!). It includes mini sized Chip, Dale, Gadget, and Monty with a micro sized Zipper! Best of all it will come in their airship! It should retail for $39.95 + tax and be released on Sunday. It will also be limited edition (most likely 1000 but no definite word on that yet).

All in all a lot of awesome sets once again at D23! We will be there and bring you any other Tsum Tsum news that we hear while there!

Pictures from the Disney Store and (c) The Walt Disney Company




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