Tsum Tsum Plush News! Star Wars Tsums now available at Target stores in the US!

The first set of Star Wars Tsum Tsums has started to arrive at Target stores in the US! We managed to find them in our local Target on the East Coast and they appear to be widely available around here so hopefully they will be found in most stores already. They may not be out on shelves yet (our store hadn't put them out yet and I had to ask someone to get them). The Target Inventory DCPI number for them is 204-10-2905.

Obviously we already have the Disney Store Star Wars Tsums so I took a look at both side by side to compare them. When I did so I was actually shocked! I am so used to the Target/Disney Collection Tsums being overstuffed and lower quality than the Disney Store; however, for these it was actually the reverse. The Target Tsums were much more "squishy" and a lot of the details were a lot more clear. I don't know if this is the case for all of them or just the ones we have but I actually prefer the Target ones over the Disney Store ones. Between these and the Target exclusive Zootopia Tsum Tsums that I prefer over the Disney Store ones design wise maybe Target/Disney Collection has turned a corner with quality... at least we can hope!

While the differences probably aren't too apparent in the pictures I did take side by side pictures of them all. The Target Tsum Tsum is on the left and the Disney Store Tsum Tsum is on the right in all these pictures:

Here are some close up pictures of the tags from the Target Tsum Tsums:

Have you found these yet? How is the quality of your Target Star Wars Tsum Tsums if so.




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