Tsum Tsum Plush News! Peter Pan and Zootopia Tsum Tsums starting to appear at Target!

Yesterday Zootopia and Peter Pan Tsum Tsums started to appear at Target stores! The Zootopia Tsums are different than the Disney Store ones and even medium Zootopia Tsums have been spotted at Target!

We managed to find Peter Pan Tsums on the East Coast yesterday but so far haven't had luck finding Zootopia Tsums. Unfortunately they share the same inventory (DCPI) code so it makes it harder to find them but hopefully both will be arriving at stores nationwide quickly. The DCPI # for the mini Tsums is 204-10-1673 but we don't have a DCPI for the medium Zootopia Tsums yet.

Here is a look at the Target mini Zootopia Tsums side by side their Disney Store versions (Picture by Patrick Lee)

And here is a picture from Instagram of the medium Zootopia Tsums:

A photo posted by Chentelle (@thesmallestpup) on

Are you excited about these new Tsums?




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