Tsum Tsum Subscription for January 2016! (Spoilers!)

Our Tsum Tsum subscription for this month has arrived!

It contained a small Olaf Tsum Tsum as well as a mini smiling Snowgie Tsum Tsum.

Personally I am disappointed with this month's box. The small Olaf is fine and I have no problems with him; however, the smiling Snowgie was released at the Japanese Disney Store in November last year. I'm not sure how the mini Tsum this month qualifies as an "exclusive" when it was already released elsewhere. He would have been a great Tsum Tsum if he had truly been a new exclusive; however, since we already have a smiling Snowgie from Japan it makes it hard to get excited about him.

So far I think the subscription boxes have been let downs (especially considering the premium price) and even more so now that the "regular" versions of the two previous subscription minis have been released in Europe. I am sure there are many people that would rather have had "normal" Oswald and pink Minnie instead of the winking version from the subscription.

What do you think? Do you have the Tsum Tsum subscription? If so, have you been happy with it? Let us know in the comments below!




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