Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday! Nightmare Before Christmas Tsums released! Next Month... Marvel including the Avengers and Spider-Man! Also, new Japanese Halloween Tsums info!

Today is Tsum Tsum Tuesday! The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsums are now available! Next month is Marvel including the Avengers and Spider-Man!!! For some reason the US Site doesn't have the information about next month but it is showing up on the UK and European Disney Stores (why the date is reversed in the picture). It should be the same for the US and hopefully they will update the US site soon to confirm!

Here are links to all the new Tsum Tsums!

They also released a few Nightmare Before Christmas themed T-Shirts!

Finally, the website finally added medium Dumbo and Piglet (who have been showing up at stores)

Also, The Japanese Disney Store was updated to include official news about the Halloween Tsum Tsums! They will be released Oct 9th!

Which Tsum Tsums are you most excited about?

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