Tsum Tsum Lip Smacker Review, Part Two

Hello everyone,

Earlier this year I reviewed four Lip Smackers, and now I am going to review four more.

This time around we shall be taking a look at Jack Skellington, Sally Stitches, the Cheshire Cat and Olaf.

The front of all the packages:

The Lip Smackers out of the packaging:

First up, we have Olaf. Olaf's flavour is Icy Truffle Treat.

To me, this one tasted a little like butter, toffee and vanilla. It was a hard one to place, but it was certainly sweet and rather nice!

For those wondering how you open the Lip Smacker, you twist the bottom off to reveal the lip balm underneath, like so:

Next, we have the Cheshire Cat, whose flavour is Plumberry Wonderland.

To me, this one tasted a lot like a cross between a berry fruit and those Hubba Bubba bubble gums you can buy at the supermarket. Again, it wasn't a bad taste, if a little sweet.

Next, we come to Jack Skellington's Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I am not a fan of pumpkin spiced latte, and this lip balm, even as mild a flavour as it was, didn't do it for me. Jon tried it and assured me it tasted similar to a PSL, but agreed it was fairly mild.

Finlly we have Sally Stitches' peppermint candy corn (yes, candy corn, not cane!).

This one is probably my favourite one, and indeed does have a strange peppermint meets candy corn flavour to it! It actually makes your lips tingle a little, which is a funny sensation.

Overall these are fun products. They retail for around $5 each, wherever you might be able to find them (Target is a good bet, I would say). I checked the Lip Smacker website, and only the previous ones I reviewed are on there at the moment. For your reference, each one weighs around 7.4g/0.26 oz.

Have a great day everyone,





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