Tsum Tsum Lip Smackers Review

Hello everyone,

Recently we were fortunate enough to be sent some brand new Lip Smackers from the Lip Smacker company, which feature four brand new flavours and characters based on Disney Tsum Tsum.

The characters and flavours are as follows:

Donald Duck - "Jelly Quackers"

Marie - "Love In Pear-y"

Dumbo - "Peanut Butter Shake"

and Tigger - "Bouncy Bubble Gum".

The back of the packaging for each one describes the product in both English and French, and gives instructions on how to open them up (you twist the bottom off).

One of the neat things about these Lip Smackers is that like real Tsums, they stack! It's a cute, fun touch that really shows that these were thought about by Lip Smackers.

Here's a side view of them, to give you some idea of their over all size:

The lip balm inside is pretty small, but they are different colours depending on the flavour. Below is an example of the Donald Duck one.

The Donald Duck one tasted, to me at least, like jelly beans, which I suppose is implied by the name "Jelly Quackers".

The Marie one is meant to be pears, with there being a play on words in the name: pear-y = Paris, said without the 's', as the French would. The fact that said the sounds pe- and pa- are quite different kind of fails on me, but it's a cute idea nonetheless. As for the flavour itself, I couldn't detect pears, but it wasn't unpleasant.

I cannot abide peanut butter, and so Jon tried the Dumbo one for me. He assures me it tastes something akin to a peanut butter chocolate smoothie or ice cream. Not so much peanut butter as much as it was creamy.

The final Tigger one, "Bouncy Bubble Gum", tastes just like the old school Hubba Bubba bubble gum (remember those?), and again, is quite nice.

For your reference, each one weighs about 7.6g/.26oz.

Lip Smackers retail for around $5.50 plus tax, which I think is a little expensive, but considering you get a stackable plastic Tsum and some pretty good flavours, it isn't too bad. They should be appearing in stores such as Target now and on LipSmacker.com from next month.

Have a great day everyone,





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