Winter Soldier finally coming to the US along with Sharon Carter on September 13th! Also more Halloween related Tsum Tsums appear!

Today the Oh My Disney blog announced that Winter Solider and Sharon Carter will be released September 13th to coincide with the release of Captain America: Civil War. While September 13th is a Tuesday it is the 2nd Tuesday of September so looks like we will get an extra Tsum Tsum release in September! Winter Solider had previously been released in Europe and Japan; however, he was missing from the US release for some reason but now he will finally join the collection in the US as well!

To go with the Nightmare Before Christmas Vinyl Tsum Tsum set that has appeared at some Walgreens, Jack and Sally Lights and Sounds Tsum Tsums have started to appear too! As we get closer to Halloween it is likely they will be appearing at more Walgreens (and possibly/probably other stores since there is no "Walgreens exclusive" branding). We managed to get a set and will post some pictures below. It should be noted that these Lights and Sounds Tsum Tsums (like the others in the US) are different than the Lights and Sounds Tsum Tsums in Europe and Asia. These Tsum Tsums have replaceable batteries which is great since we have had many of our European Lights and Sounds Tsum Tsums stop working after a short time.

Here are some pictures of the new Jack and Sally:




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