A close look at the new Nightmare Before Christmas Vinyl Tsum Tsum set!

Last week a new Nightmare Before Christmas Vinyl Tsum Tsum set started showing up at Walgreens! It is part of their Halloween stock and as such hasn't shown up at all stores yet. As more stores switch from Back to School to Halloween we expect them to appear more places. Also, nothing indicates that this set is a Walgreens exclusive so it is possible that it will appear in other stores as well.

The set has 6 Large sized Vinyl Tsum Tsums from Jakks Pacific. Here is a look at the packaging the set comes in:

The set contains Jack Skellington, Sally Stitches, Zero, Lock, Shock, and Barrel. The Jack ans Sally are glow in the dark! We know that some of the Nightmare Before Christmas characters will be coming in Series 4 of the Jakks Stacking Vinyl Tsum Tsums (you can see our blog post about Series 4 by clicking here); however, it is possible that the glow in the dark version of Jack and Sally will be exclusive to this set (and we have yet to see a Barrel in Series 4).

Here are some close up pictures of the different Tsums:

Jack Skellington






What do you think of this Special Halloween set? Have you found it yet?




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