Tsum Tsum Plush News: Cats Tsums arrive online and more news from ToyFair: Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast, and Moana

The Japanese Disney Store added the cat Tsums to their website (and will go on sale at 10am 1/26 JST). We also have some more exciting Tsum Tsum news from ToyFair in London including news of Beauty and the Beast and Moana Tsum Tsums later this year!

First, lets talk about the news out of ToyFair. The Posh Paws booth was giving out information about their upcoming releases including a Tsum Tsum release schedule for later this year. The releases will be:

September 2016: Nightmare Before Christmas
October 2016: Monsters, Inc.
November 2016: Beauty and the Beast
December 2016: Moana

Add this to the sets they previewed in their booth (Tangled, Jungle Book, Finding Dory) and we have a good idea of what Tsum Tsum sets will be released this year. Since these are the release dates for the 3rd Posh Paws Tsum Tsums we expected they will be released at the Disney Store sometime before the months listed above (except Nightmare since it was already released).

In addition to the big display of Tsum Tsums they also had a preview of the Posh Paws Zootopia Tsum Tsums:

As we had mentioned before, the director of Zootopia had tweeted that the Target versions of the Tsums would be "slightly different" and if we compare these to the ones from the Disney Store we can see what the differences should be:

So basically the Posh Paws versions won't have the expressions that the Disney Store versions will have. Since the "Disney Collection" Tsum Tsums available at Target have always matched those that are released by Posh Paws in the UK we expect these same designs to show up in the US at Target and other places!

Finally, here are some better pictures of the Japanese Disney Store Cat Tsum Tsums!

Which Tsum Tsums are you most excited about?




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