Tsum Tsum Plush News! Japanese Christmas Tsums announced and Christmas and Mega Tsums start appearing in the US!

It's beginning to look a lot like a Tsum Tsum Christmas!

Last night the Japanese Disney Store officially announced their Christmas Tsum Tsums. In additional to the wreath set there will be eight individual Tsums in cute Christmas Outfits. Also, we now know that the Tsums in the Wreath set will be removable! They will all be released November 1st so in just a couple days!

In further Christmas Tsum Tsum news, the Disney Store Christmas Tsum Tsums have started to appear in various Disney Stores in the US ahead of Tsum Tsum Tuesday next week. They are being sold in a box set of all 8 Tsums instead of being sold individually. In addition, Mega sized Mickey and Minnie have started to appear as well! We expect them all to be officially released next Tuesday with the Peter Pan Tsums in the US as well as Europe.




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