Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday! Marvel Tsums released! Next month... Peter Pan, Christmas, Frozen Fever, and Mega Tsums!

Today is Tsum Tsum Tuesday! The Marvel (Avengers and Spider-Man) Tsums are now available including Medium and Large Tsums! Next month is Peter Pan and Christmas Tsums as well as the Frozen Fever set and Mega Tsums!!! For some reasons the other sets are advertised on the European and UK Disney Store sites but not on the US site. But based on previous announcements we expect them to be available in the US as well.

Here are links to all the new Tsum Tsums!

Mini Tsums:

Medium Tsums:

Large Tsums:

Also announced is that the Tsum Tsum Subscription will be available for sign up starting Friday (but the first set won't ship until early November)!! The Subscription will feature a Small and Mini Tsum Tsum each month. The Small size is a "new" size in between mini and medium. So far the only Tsums released in Small size have been a couple in Japan in sets that included the Mini, Small, and Medium Tsum together of Mickey, Minnie, and Pooh. The mini is supposed to be exclusive to the set but if the image is an indication of the first set then the mini is going to be smirking Oswald who was previously released in Japan so not a true exclusive. Hopefully later months will be Tsums that haven't been seen previously. The page for the subscription info can be found here.

Which Tsum Tsums are you most excited about?

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