Limited Edition Halloween Tsums added to the International Game!

This morning special limited edition Halloween Tsums were added to the International version of the game!

The two new Tsum Tsums are Pumpkin Mickey and Pumpkin Minnie. They are available in Premium Boxes and will around until the end of October. Until the end of the day Oct 4th there is also "Lucky Time" for these Tsums so you will have a greater than normal chance of getting them from the Premium Box.

Like the previous other special limited edition Tsum Tsums they only go up to skill level 3 which means they aren't as powerful when they are at max skill level as other Premium Box Tsums. However, at least Pumpkin Mickey is useful for several Bingo Card missions as his power is to start Fever Time. So he should make all the missions where you have to have a certain number of Fevers much easier.

Also starting today are login bonuses. For the first 12 days that you login to the game in October you will get an extra login bonus. These include rubies, coins, hearts, and the last one looks to be a Premium Box ticket. So make sure you log in each day!

The final (and most exciting) piece of game news is that it appears that the International version will finally have its first special event for Halloween! Not sure when this will start but it will likely be next week. We will be sure to provide all the details once we know them!




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