A look at the new Marvel Tsum Tsums (and hints about possible additional future Marvel Tsums)!

As has happened a few times recently, Hong Kong Disneyland released the new Marvel Tsum Tsums before everywhere else. We managed to get a set and wanted to preview them here.

The first thing to notice is that both the cloth and paper tags that are different than all the other Tsums.

The cloth tags include a red "Marvel" tag as well as a bigger white "marvelkids.com" tag. These are in addition to the usual "Disney Parks" tag (because they are from Hong Kong Disneyland they have the parks tags instead of the Disney Store tags).

The more exciting difference is the paper tag. This tag is a completely new Marvel specific design. Like various versions of the regular Tsum Tsum paper tags, the front has small images of Tsum Tsums along the borders. But of course since this is a Marvel tag, all the Tsum Tsums are Marvel characters... and since they have only released 6 Marvel characters so far, it includes a lot of additional characters that don't exist yet! Hopefully this means that there will be additional Marvel sets in the future. The characters include Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, Star-Lord, Ronan), additional characters we have seen in the Avengers and other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (Loki, Winter Soldier, Chitauri, Ant-Man, Ultron, War Machine, Vision), as well some other miscellaneous characters that are in (or might be in) upcoming movies (Captain Marvel, Venom) and various evil henchmen (A.I.M. and Hydra):

Now that we have taken a look at the tags lets take a closer look at the Tsums themselves. They all have nice little details like Thor's hammer stitched onto the side of Thor that really add a lot to the Tsums. Even Hulk's pants are "ripped"! Overall very happy with these Tsums! I only have one complaint about the new Tsums... why was Hawkeye left out of the Avengers set?! He isn't even shown on the tag like some of the lesser known or newer Avengers.


Black Widow:


Captain America:

Iron Man:


Hong Kong only released the mini Tsum Tsums but we know from the preview released in Europe that there should be Medium and Large Spider-Man as well. Not sure about larger sizes for the Avengers but I really hope they have at least a larger Hulk Tsum.

As far as the US Disney Store, there is still no official word about them coming next month but hopefully they will appear here too in a few weeks!

What do you think of the Marvel Tsums? Are you excited about the potential other sets?




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