Tsum Tsum Plush News! Marvel in Hong Kong and Japan D23

Hi all,

Today Hong Kong Disneyland released the first set of Marvel Tsum Tsums! Included were all of the mini Tsums that were announced for Tsum Tsum Tuesday for next month in the UK and Europe. Not released were any medium or large Tsum Tsums. We know that at least medium and large Spider-Man Tsum Tsums will be coming to the Disney Store. There is still no official word about next month's Tsum Tsums for the US Disney Store; however, there are rumors there are some legal issues around releasing the Marvel Tsum Tsums in the US and they are working to resolve those before they can officially announce next month's Tsum Tsums here... if this is true, hopefully everything gets resolved in time for them to actually be released! An even bigger question would be what happens if they can't get the issue resolved.

The next piece of Tsum Tsum news is a preview of some Tsum Tsum sets that will be available at Japan's D23 Expo in November. These sets go along with the sets that were released at the US D23 Expo. Still unknown is whether the same sets from the US will also be released in addition to these Japanese exclusive sets.

That is all the news for now! What sets are you most excited about?

Marvel Tsum Tsum picture courtesy of Instagram User Lipzly and used with permission




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