Tsum Tsum Game Update! Hawaiian Stitch and Angel added to the international version of the game!

Hi all,

This morning the international version of the game was updated to add Hawaiian Stitch and Angel.

Hawaiian Stitch looks similar to the original regular Stitch but he has a leafy "crown" with a flower and is also winking. His power will clear an "arch" of Tsums... meaning it will clear Tsums on the sides and top.

Angel's power will turn all the Tsums on the screen into two types: Angel and "heart-eyed Stitch". This is basically the same as Oswald's power.

While it is great to have these two new Tsums added to the game it is also a bit frustrating. When they were added to the Japanese version of the game they also included a whole event around their launch and through the event you could also get a Lilo Tsum. The International version continues to lack these awesome special events the Japanese version keeps having (They have been having one a month for the past several months).

I know that the International version was launched after the Japanese version and therefore is behind in progress but the Japanese version had its first event 8 months after it launched. Here we are 14 months after the International version launched and we are still waiting for the first event. This along with the slow roll out of Bingo cards means the International version is significantly behind the Japanese version and is missing a ton of features.

Speaking of Bingo cards there is an indication that the next Bingo card(s) should be arriving soon. Oswald's skill level now says his max skill is 2 instead of 1. The way you get Skill level 2 Oswald is through Bingo Card 6 which hasn't been released yet... so there is hope that at least Bingo Card 6 will be added soon.




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