Tsum Tsum Plush News from D23 including an upcoming upcoming Tsum Tsum Subscription!

Today was the first day of D23 and there were a lot of exciting Tsum happenings!

The first was the release of a Fantasia set of Tsum Tsums. This included a LE 2000 D23 Exclusive set which included 7 mini Tsum Tsums. Also available separately were five of the mini Tsums from the set (Sorcerer Mickey, Chernabog, Hyacinth Hippo, Ben Ali Gator, and Baby Pegasi) as well as medium Sorcerer Mickey and Pegasus and Large Sorcerer Mickey and Hyacinth Hippo!

Now this is pure speculation but based on what was posted by the Disney Store before the Expo (that they would release a D23 Exclusive set each day as well as a set of mini, medium, and large Tsums that would be a "preview" of an upcoming set) it seems possible that all of the Fantasia Tsums expect probably Yen Sid and Hop Low (who were only available in the D23 LE set) will show up at the Disney Store sometime in the future(obvously without D23 tags)... at least that is our hope!

Another big piece of news is that the Disney Store is going to add a new "Tsum Tsum Subscription" where you will be able to sign up and each month you will receive a special "small" and exclusive mini Tsum (similar to Loot Create and other services like that). It is unknown if they actually mean "medium" since there are very few "small" Tsums. The cost will be $24.95/month which will include shipping. This seems a bit expensive for only one mini Tsum (even if it is exclusive) and a "small" Tsum so hopefully they just have their terminology mixed up and it will actually be a Medium Tsum. The Disney Store website says that the subscription is "Coming Real Soon" so hopefully it will be available soon (and we will be sure to let you know as soon as it is available).

As far as the sets for the other two days the current rumors are that one will be a Pinocchio set and the final one will be the Steamboat Willie set we mentioned previously.

The final bit of (non D23) plush news is that the Aladdin Tsum Tsums have arrived at the US parks... So if you missed them on Tsum Tsum Tuesday you now have another chance to get them!

In a bit of Tsum Tsum game news, there was an app update today that fixed the issues with playing on an iPad!




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