Tsum Tsum International Game Update - Sorcerer Mickey Added to the game!

This morning Sorcerer Mickey was added to the international version of the game!

He is a limited time Tsum and will only be available in the Premium Box until the end of August. Until the end of the day August 4th he has Lucky Time so you have a greater chance of getting him. Making him extra special, he is a musical Tsum so when you are playing with him as "MyTsum" the music will be "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" instead of the regular Tsum Tsum music.

His skill is a bit different than other Tsums. When you activate his power the screen changes. Sorcerer Mickey will be "conducting" in the lower level corner and little Sorcerer Hat icons will be along the bottom. The hats indicate the number of times you can tap the screen and clear Tsums. As you increase his skill level it alternates between adding more hats and increasing the radius of the Tsums cleared by the last hat. You start out with 3 hats and with his skill maxed you have 5. The last hat clears more Tsums than the other hats so you want to make sure you tap near the center of the screen for the last hat to clear the most Tsums.

Have you gotten Sorcerer Mickey? If so, what do you think of the latest Tsum?




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