Happy 1st Birthday Tsum Tsum Central and D23 Expo Tsum Tsum News!

On July 21st last year, shortly after the International version of the Tsum Tsum Mobile game was released and the US Disney Store started offering Tsum Tsums, we opened the virtual door to our new site: Tsum Tsum Central! So happy birthday to Tsum Tsum Central! (a couple days late LOL)

Since starting Tsum Tsum Central, it has grown considerably and has become very popular. We have had almost 2 million visits in the last year! Thank you to all of our visitors and especially the fans of the site for helping make it so successful! Hopefully our 2nd year will be even better!

In Tsum Tsum plush news, today the US Disney store announced their plans for the D23 Expo coming up next month:

Disney Tsum Tsum — All-new collections of everyone’s favorite stackable plush will be unveiled at D23 EXPO, with one releasing each day in limited quantities in mini, medium, and large sizes. In addition, limited-edition mini box series—exclusive to D23 EXPO—will be released along with each collection, and a Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum mini vinyl figure will be available for $5 with any purchase, while supplies last.

Since the Expo runs three days this means there should be three new sets unveiled and three limited edition D23 Expo exclusive sets as well.

Based on the wording of the announcement it sounds like the new (non-exclusive) sets will have some availability at the Expo but later on will have general availability at the Disney Store. Obviously it isn't known what sets they will show off and, while they say they are "unveiling all-new" sets, it is possible it could be some of the sets that have been seen either at the Christmas merchandise preview or at Comic-Con. These sets include Peter Pan, Aladdin, Nightmare Before Christmas, Marvel, and Christmas Tsums.

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the sets *is* Marvel since they only had a couple Marvel Tsums at Comic-Con and didn't have the whole set out on display like the other sets. Another likely set would be the Peter Pan Tsums since they haven't been publicly previewed yet and have only been seen at a media merchandise preview.

No matter what they show off it is exciting that they will have limited quantities of the unveiled sets available not to mention the limited edition exclusives! Just wish we were going this year!!

What sets do you hope they show off at D23?




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