Upcoming Tsum Tsum Plush News and Rumors: Stitch and Aladdin

Since Tsum Tsum Tuesday last week there have been a number new rumors and news about upcoming Tsum Tsums!

First, the Japanese website DTimes has posted an image of a Stitch Tsum Tsum set that will be released along with the other Stitch Tsum Tsums later this month. The set containers a larger Stitch "carrier" that holds four mini Tsum Tsums.

In further Stitch news Instagram user house_of_el_don has posted an image from the Hawaiian Disney Store of a sign stating that not only will the US Disney Store be getting the mini Stitch Tsums for Tsum Tsum Tuesday next month but they will also get a Stitch carrier set. The mini Tsums in the set will likely be the same ones being released individually in the US and not the "flower" version that is being released in Japan. Also listed for release next month are medium and large Baymax Tsums!

In other Tsum Tsum rumors, recently various Aladdin Tsum Tsums (Genie, Jasmine, Iago, and Abu so far) have been popping up on e-bay. Like with other Tsums that have appeared on e-bay before they have been released, this likely indicates that Aladdin will be the theme for an upcoming Tsum Tsum Tuesday. While they could be released sooner, the most likely time frame for their release would be in October to coincide with the rerelease of Aladdin on blu-ray.

Here is a picture of the Stitch Tsum's that will be released in Japan. There will be several that are not released in the US and the main characters in Japan will have a flower while the US Disney Store versions appear to be missing the flower.

Japanese Stitch images from DTimes




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