Lilo and Stitch Tsum Tsums coming to the Disney Store in July

It looks like Japan isn't the only place getting Lilo and Stitch Tsum Tsums soon! Yesteday pictures started appearing of Lilo and Stitch Tsum Tsums that will arrive in Japan on June 26th and today it appears that the US (and probably European) Disney Stores will get some of them too a week later for Tsum Tsum Tuesday in July!

It looks like Japan will be getting a few extra Lilo and Stitch Tsum Tsums (Pleakley, Leroy, and Dr. Hämsterviel) and some of the Japanese Tsums will be different (the Japanese pictures show some of the Tsums with a flower in their hair that is missing from the US preview) but glad at least some of them will be arriving outside of Japan!

It also looks like they are going to start a 2 per person per style rule for Tsum Tsum Tuesday which seems like a good idea based on their popularity and sometimes 2 or 3 people wiping out a store's supply. Not sure if that will be in effect for tomorrow or will start in July.

Who else is excited for these Tsums and what do you think of the new 2 per person rule?




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