Tsum Tsums finally arrive in the UK

Today Tsum Tsums finally arrived in the UK and are available for sale; however, unlike every other country they aren't available in the Disney Store (yet). Instead they can be found in Clinton's stores nationwide (for those unfamiliar with Clinton's it is basically the UK version of Hallmark stores).

They have a very limited number of characters to start that include Mickey, Minnie, Marie, Daisy, Donald, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore; however, they are planning for additional waves of characters to be released in the future. The second wave should contain Piglet, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale, Dumbo, Lady, and Stitch and is expected to arrive mid-March. In addition to the normal "mini" sizes they also have several characters in medium and large sizes.

So the big question... are these exactly the same as the ones sold in the Disney Story. Early reports indicate there are some differences; however, they appear to be minor and similar to differences between the US Disney Store, Disney Parks, and the Japanese Disney Store. We have a friend picking us up a set so once we get them we will do detailed side by side comparisons.

The next question... what about the UK Disney Store? Well they are still supposed to be getting Tsum Tsums in late March. However, it is unknown if they will have the same selections as the rest of the Disney Stores or if it will be more limited.

The bottom line is that Tsum Tsums are finally in the UK which will make all the UK Tsum Tsum fans happy; however, why it took so long and why Disney decided to outsource them to a 3rd party instead of the Disney Store like everywhere else is still a mystery!

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