Bingo added to the International game!!

Hi all,

There is an app update that adds Bingo to the International version of the game! It still seems to be rolling out as it didn't show up for me until I restarted the game a few times... after that it finally showed up.

We will post more details about bingo tomorrow; however, a short summary:

1) There are Bingo cards (In the Japanese version there are a bunch but it looks like there is only 1 or 2 in the International version right now)
2) You select a card to make it active and each square has a mission. These missions vary widely but as an example one might be to score over a certain score while using a Tsum Tsum who is blue.
3) When you complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line on the card you get a gift. When you complete the whole card you get a bigger gift (When you complete the first card you get a premium ticket to get a premium box. When you complete the 2nd card you get Oswald!)

As I said we will post lots more info tomorrow but wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible! Currently it seems a bit hit or miss if it shows up for you AND the missions are all in Japanese so obviously it isn't fully there yet... hopefully they fix all the issues quickly!

Update: We have added a page listing all the Bingo Card 1 Missions with some tips here and Bingo Card 2 Missions here




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