Jessie and Lotso added to the game!

Hi everyone!

Last night two new Toy Story characters were added to the game! You can now find Jessie and Lotso in the premium box and until 6pm PST on Feb 12th it is "Lucky Time" for all four Toy Story Premium Box characters so you have a greater chance of winning them when you buy a premium box. Also, if you buy rubies, there is a Ruby sale until Feb 12th and you will get an extra 20% rubies.

Both Jessie and Lotso have skills similar to but not exactly the same as other characters.

Jessie will clear Tsums in the middle of the screen; however, instead of just clearing them when you trigger her skill a glowing circle will appear on the screen and if you hold it down it will keep expanding until it reaches the maximum size for your skill level and then it will clear the Tsums. During limited playing at skill level 1 she was normally clearing between 16-18 Tsums.

Lotso is more straight forward and just clears Tsums at the bottom of the screen with an animation that "bounces" the screen before clearing them. In limited playing with him at skill level one I was clearing between 19-23 Tsums... it takes more Tsums to power him up than most others but still 19-23 Tsums at level 1 is great and I was getting pretty good scores... I look forward to seeing how he does at higher levels!

In addition to the new characters there was an app update yesterday and it raised the score of all the characters significantly. The scores had been raised on the Japanese version awhile ago and now that change has come to the US! For example Stitch's score at level 30 was previously 254 and now it is 602 so it was raised quite a bit!

Anyway that is all for now! We should be adding Lotso and Jessie to the site later today and will be updating the character scores as well!

Have you gotten the new Tsums yet? How do you like them if so?




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