Happy Tsum Tsum Tuesday Eve!

Hi all,

Tomorrow is the best day of the month! Tsum Tsum Tuesday of course!

In the US, the Disney Store will be releasing the Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsums that were released in Japan last month but sold out instantly. In Europe, the Disney Store will be releasing Alice in Wonderland Tsums that were released in the US last summer. The big question is... what will be the Tsum Tsums for May?! Well... we suspect (but can't guarantee) that it will be Little Mermaid at least in the US but we will know for sure in a few hours!

For those wanting to buy the Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsums on-line as soon as possible and aren't familiar with how the US Disney Store adds products to the site... they are normally added shortly after midnight pacific time (3AM Eastern). While they are normally available on the site within a few minutes of midnight if you know the item number, they sometimes don't show up on the actual Tsum Tsum page/searches until a little later. We will be sure to post links to everything as soon as we can.

In other US Disney Store news... the Cinderella Tsums have gone on sale for $1.99. Several of them have sold out already but you can find whats left here and you may be able to find the rest in stores.

Who is excited for Tsum Tsum Tuesday tomorrow? What future sets do you most want to see?




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