Tsum Tsum Plush News Roundup - Big Hero 6, Alice in Wonderland, and Easter in Japan coming in April

Hello everyone!

Obviously yesterday was Tsum Tsum Tuesday so we saw a lot of Tsums released as we reported in our blog post yesterday. At the Disney Store (in the US and Europe) we had not only the Frozen Tsum Tsums released but also some Easter Tsum Tsums and a Bumblebee Winnie the Pooh set. Both the Easter and Bumblebee Pooh Tsums were previously released in Japan Last year.

In other Disney Store Tsum Tsum news both the 101 Dalmatian and Toy Store Tsum Tsums have now gone on sale for just $1.99... some have sold out already so if you are still waiting to get these Tsums you better hurry as they aren't likely to be around for much longer!

In Japan yesterday also saw the release of Big Hero 6 Tsums! There were massive lines of people waiting to buy them and they sold out very quickly!

With the release of this month's Tsum Tsum Tuesday Tsums we also got the announcement of the Tsums for next month. In the US we will be getting the Big Hero 6 Tsums that were just released in Japan; however, in Europe they will be getting the Alice in Wonderland Tsums that were released in the US last summer. Since that was soon after the US debut of Tsum Tsums I know a lot of people missed out on the Alice characters when they were here so it is nice there will be a second chance of getting them! However, it is a bit strange that the characters for Tsum Tsum Tuesday will be different between the US and Europe and one has to wonder if this will continue in the future or if it will go back to "normal" in May.

In addition to the US/European Disney Store news, we also got a preview of Japan's Easter Tsums for this year. They should be released April 1st and are very cute! There will be a set of mini Tsums, as well as a set with a carrier Tsum with four mini's Tsums inside (which are unique to the set), and medium Donald and Daisy. Thank you to Mafalda Camacho of Disney - Tsum Tsum! for the pictures! Why the US and Europe got some of last year's Easter Tsums and Japan is getting completely new and different ones is unknown. Hopefully they are successful and the Disney Store continues with holiday Tsums in the future!

As we find out more we will be sure to let you know! Which April Tsum Tsums are you looking forward to the most?

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