Tsum Tsum Plush News! Japanese Disney Store releases 4th Anniversary Tsum Tsums and announces Christmas and Tsum Tsum Land Tsums!

The Japanese Disney Store has released the 4th Anniversary Tsum Tsum sets! They have also announced upcoming releases for Christmas and Tsum Tsum Land!

The 4th Anniversary releases include a 25 Tsum Tsum box set as well as a 5 Tsum Tsum Birthday Cake set:

They also announced some upcoming releases. On Oct 27th the Japanese Disney Store will be releasing "Tsum Tsum Land" plush and other items. Tsum Tsum Land is a new Tsum Tsum based mobile game that is currently only available in Japan. The plush Tsum Tsums will come in two sizes, the larger size is somewhere around the size of the Small sized Tsum Tsums that have been in some subscription sets and the smaller size is a little smaller than the normal "mini" sized Tsum Tsum. In addition to the plush there will also be some other Tsum Tsum Land merchandise.

Small Tsum Tsum Land Plush:

Large Tsum Tsum Land Plush:

Plush size comparison (with regular "mini" sized Tsum Tsum in the middle for reference):

Tsum Tsum Land Toys:

A few days after the Tsum Tsum Land release (on November 1st), the Japanese Disney Store will release their Christmas Tsum Tsums. This will include a plush Advent Calendar set and a Christmas wreath set. The Advent Calendar will feature both Mini and Micro sized Tsum Tsums while the wreath will have a mixture of sizes.

In addition to the Christmas Tsum Tsums, a new Villains set will also be released. While most of the characters in the set have previously been released, Hades will make his Tsum Tsum debut in this set!

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