Tsum Tsum Plush News! A look at new Tomorrowland Tsum Tsums released at Disneyland Paris!

A few days ago a new set of Tomorrowland Tsum Tsums were released at Disneyland Paris! While Disneyland Paris doesn't have a Tomorrowland (theirs is called Discoveryland instead) the Tsums in this set aren't specific to Disneyland Paris so it is likely this set will be released in the US Parks as well at some point soon.

Included in the set are Space Mickey and Minnie (Minnie wasn't available at first but has since arrived as well), Rocket Ship Goofy, Speedway Donald, Experiment 626 Stitch, Zurg, and a Green Alien with the Claw! Overall a very cool set! Here are close up pictures of all the Tsums (except Minnie)

Pictures courtesy of Flavie David and used with permission

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