A look at the Tsum Tsum Subscription for September 2017 (Spoilers!)

This month is Gauchito and Burrito from "The Flying Gauchito"

For those not familiar with these characters, the Disney classic The Three Caballeros is composed of multiple short stories including "The Flying Gauchito". In the story Gauchito befriends and trains a flying donkey to enter a horse race. To cover his wings he wraps a blanket around him... all does not go to plan.

So in this month's subscription box we have a mini Gauchito and small Burrito complete with a removable saddle/blanket to reveal his wings. Being a lover of all things Disney and loving this obscure short I absolutely love this month's subscription. I am very glad to see Disney continuing to use the subscription as a way to release lesser known and more obscure Disney characters... I know this one might be a bit too obscure for some people but they are cure Tsums either way!

Here are some pictures of this month's subscription:




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