Tsum Tsum Pin News! US Disney Parks release Tsum Tsum Series 4 Pin Packs!

On our way out of Disneyland yesterday we managed to find the brand new Disney Tsum Tsum Series 4 Pin Pack!

There are a total of 16 different pins in Series 4 including characters from The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Aladdin. Each Pack has 5 random pins from the set so you don't know which pins you will get when you buy them. The randomization seemed pretty good this time as we were able to get a complete set in only 4 packs. Each pack costs $27.99 + tax. As already mentioned we found them in Disneyland and if they aren't already available in Walt Disney World I am sure they will show up soon there. They will also probably show up on the Shop Parks App soon too since the other series have been available there.

Here is a look at all of the pins in this set

For those of you who have been collecting Tsum Tsum Pins for awhile you know the Disney Store released a Limited Edition set of 9 Tsum Tsum pins awhile ago. Included in this set were Rapunzel, Mother Gothel, and Pascal who are in this series as well. Here is a picture comparing them side by side.

They are VERY similar with the main difference being that the lines are gold in the LE set and silver (and thicker) in the new pins. It is a bit disappointing that they are so similar; however, it does give people who didn't want to spend $100 for 9 pins a chance to get these popular characters.

What do you think of the new set of Tsum Tsum pins?




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