Bumblebee Pooh, Christopher Robin, and Roo Added the the Game!

Last night there was a game update that added Bumblebee Pooh to the Premium box as well as Christopher Robin and Roo to the Happiness Box.

Somewhat disappointing is that instead of getting the "game" that the Japanese version got along with Honeybee Pooh in the International version he was just added to the Premium Box. Hopefully someday we will get Bingo and all these other mini-games that the Japanese version keeps getting.

One odd thing about Bumblebee Pooh is that instead of having the normal 6 skill levels that Premium Box characters get he only has 3.

Their powers are:

Bumblebee Pooh: All Tsums connected while the time is stopped will be considered one chain. Basically when you activate his power it pauses the clock and while it is paused you can select as many chains as possible. Once the timer expires they all count as one big chain.

Christopher Robin: Tap to pop the balloon and clear Tsums. When you activate his power balloons will appear that work much like bubbles

Roo: Clears a vertical line of Tsums. Same power as many other Tsums.

It will also be "Lucky Time" for these characters until the morning of March 6th so you have a greater chance of winning them in boxes until then! Have you gotten any of these characters? Which is your favorite? Discuss below!




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