Tsum Tsum Previews From London Toy Fair

This week was the annual Toy Fair in London. Posh Paws, the maker of 3rd Party Tsum Tsums in the UK was there with previews of lots of their upcoming Tsum Tsums! Basically they are the "Disney Collection" Tsum Tsums for the UK. Our friends from Tsum Tsum Plush - Buy/Trade/Sell Facebook Group were there and they kindly provided us with some pictures!

Most of the Tsums previewed have already been released by the Disney Store; however, there was one completely new set... a beach/summer Mickey and Friends set. In addition to the previewed Tsums they also said that they have Cars 3 and Lion Guard sets on the way as well. Since almost all of the 3rd party Tsum Tsums are released after the Disney Store releases them it is likely they will all show up at the Disney Store before they show up elsewhere.

Also, since Posh Paws and the "Disney Collection" Tsums pretty much always have the same releases we can expect all of these to show up in the US at Target/JCPenney/Walmart/etc sometime later this year!

Here are more pics of the previewed Tsum Tsums!




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