Marvel Tsum Tsum Game News! Maintenance tonight to launch new version with new features!

Tonight the International version of the Marvel Tsum Tsum will be down for maintenance from 11PM Pacific Time until 2AM Pacific Time to upgrade to version 2.5!

There are a number of enhancements in version 2.5.0... the are mostly focused on Tsum Tsums from Orb and Coin boxes.

After the update Tsums from Coin and Orb boxes will get bonuses to their HP, ATK, and DEF skills when you get a duplicate Tsum from one of the boxes. The more duplicates you get the more their stats will be improved. This change will be retroactive so if you have gotten multiples of the same character from the boxes their skills will automatically be increased.

The next change is to add a higher level 6 for the Skill and Special Skill for Tsums from Orb and Coin boxes as well as some event Tsums.

Finally, when you are battling Tsums you will now get a damage bonus if you have more team members of the correct attribute (So for example if you are battling a Blast Tsums you will get the normal bonus if your leader is a Power Tsum but you will get additional damage bonuses if one or both of your team members are also Power Tsums)

Overall these are some pretty nice changes and we look forward to the new version!




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