A look at Marvel Series 3 Vinyl Tsum Tsums from Jakks Pacific

We managed to get most of Jakks Pacific Marvel Series 3 Vinyl Stacking Tsum Tsums and are going to take a look at them here!

First, lets take a look at the Collector Guide

We know of at least 2 themed 9 packs. One is Guardians of the Galaxy and the other is Iron Man.

Each has one Large Mystery Figure which can be one of four Tsum Tsums. Two are Ultra Super Lucky a Silver Tsum Tsum and a Light-Up Tsum Tsum! Here are pictures of the possible Mystery Figures

There are 16 different 3 packs and each one has a Mystery Medium Tsum Tsum. There are medium Ultra Super Rare Silver Hulk and Iron Man Tsum Tsums that could be the Mystery character.

Here are our 16 3-packs with their Mystery Mediums

Like every Tsum Tsum Series there are a set of Mystery Medium Tsum Tsums that come with accessories. This time there are a total of 15 characters with corresponding accessories.


Black Widow

Classic Captain America



Green Goblin



Iron Fist




Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Spider-Man (Symbiote Costume)

Squirrel Girl

Here are a few more pictures of the Mystery Pack Characters and their Accessories!

Overall this is a pretty solid series with a lot of great new Marvel characters and the Mystery Pack Accessories are great as always. Series 3 should be showing up in stores so be on the look out for them!

If you like the Marvel Vinyl Tsum Tsums we are actually running a giveaway for a whole box of Marvel Series 1 Mystery Packs! You can click here to go to the giveaway page and see all the details: Marvel Tsum Tsum Vinyl Mystery Pack Wave 1 Box Giveaway!




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