A close look at the Tsum Tsum Stacking Vinyl Marvel Series 1 Mystery Packs with a giveaway courtesy of Entertainment Earth!

The fine folks at Entertainment Earth sent us a box of the Jakks Pacific Vinyl Marvel Tsum Tsum Mystery Packs to review on the blog... and even better... they are providing a box to give away to one of our readers!

For those who aren't familiar with the Tsum Tsum Stacking Vinyls from Jakks Pacific, there are three different sizes of Vinyl Tsum Tsums and are available in 3 packs (1 of each size), 9 packs (3 of each size), and Mystery Packs. The Mystery Packs contain one medium Vinyl Tsum Tsum with a character specific accessory. We think the Mystery Packs are the best part of each series and there are always a couple of characters that are exclusive to the Mystery Packs! As the name implies the Mystery Packs are blind bags so you don't know who you will get inside each bag.

For Marvel Series 1 there are a total of 10 different characters and they come in boxes of 24. The different characters have different rarity levels.

Boxes of Marvel Series 1 Mystery Packs are currently available on Entertainment Earths website and you can find them here: Order Marvel Tsum Tsum Blind Packs Mini-Figures Wave 1 Case from Entertainment Earth!. They also have Marvel Series 2 Mystery Packs available for "pre-order" here: Order Marvel Tsum Tsum Blind Pack Wave 2 Case from Entertainment Earth! They are expecting them to arrive later this month.

So lets take a closer look at the Marvel Series 1 Mystery Packs!

First here is a picture of the entire collection:

Here are pictures of the individual bags:

Now a closer look at each of the characters with their accessory (as well as pictures of what they look like when you take them out of the bag:

Rocket Raccoon:

Captain America


Ghost Rider



Iron Man




As Tsum Tsum fans know the name Tsum Tsum comes from Japanese and roughly translates to "Stack Stack" as Tsums are meant to stack on top of each other. This is true of the Vinyl Tsum Tsums and even the Mystery Pack Accessories. They are each designed to be stackable with a large, medium, and small Tsum Tsum!

All the accessories from Marvel Series 1 are great; however, my favorites this time are Thor, Hobgoblin, and Ghost Rider. As I said above the Mystery Packs with their awesome accessories are always our favorite part of each series as they really add something to their character!

In addition to the Marvel Series 1 Mystery Packs on Entertainment Earth they also have lots of other Vinyl Tsum Tsums currently available... here are links to the latest Disney and Marvel Series:

Now for the best part... as I already mentioned, not only was Entertainment Earth nice enough to send us a case, they also have agreed to send a case to one lucky Tsum Tsum fan! This giveaway is open to residents of the USA and Canada (for our non-North American fans we will be having a couple of worldwide giveaways after the Holidays!).

You can enter (and see the complete list of rules) on our special Marvel Tsum Tsum Blind Pack Mini-Figures Wave 1 Case Giveaway Page by clicking here!




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