Japanese Disney Store News! Year of the Rooster, Valentine's Day, and Bird Tsum Tsums coming December 26th! Lion King to follow in January!

The Japanese Disney Store has provided previews of their upcoming Tsum Tsums and boy are there a lot! On December 26th they will be releasing Year of the Rooster, Valentine's Day, and Bird Tsum Tsums! Then in late January they will finally release a set of Lion King Tsum Tsums!

The Year of the Rooster/Lunar New Year Tsums will feature all the main characters in cute chicken outfits. The Valentine's Day Tsum Tsums features Disney Couples in pastry chef outfits. The birds set include Panchito and Jose from The Three Caballeros, Scrooge McDuck, Ludwig Von Drake, Chicken Little, and Orange Bird! The Lion King set looks like it will be the same as the set released at the US/European Disney Store.

Here are previews of the upcoming Tsum Tsums!




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