Marvel Tsum Tsum Game Updates! Coin Box Character Swap, Baron Mordo Available for Battle, and Nightmare Coming Soon!

The International version of the Marvel Tsum Tsum game has received a couple updates today and over the weekend including changes to the Coin Box, a new villain available for battle, and another new villain coming soon!

The coin box changes include the removal of Captain America, Iron Man, and Peggy Carter from the coin box. Replacing them will be War Machine, Hawkeye, and Agent 13. They will be available in both the coin and orb boxes until the next switch. They also added a new character, Bengal, to the coin box at the same time!

In addition to the coin box changes, Baron Mordo, who was the final boss in the Doctor Strange event, is now available for battle. He will be available until the end of the day December 9th.

Finally, a new upcoming Villain has been announced: Nightmare! He should arrive in the next couple of days.

Here are preview videos of Bengal and Baron Mordo:




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