Marvel Tsum Tsum Game News! Ghost Rider and Man-Thing added to orb box, Mephisto available for battle, and new daily missions!

Today the international version of the Marvel Tsum Tsum Mobile Game was updated to add Ghost Rider and Man-Thing to the orb box. Also, Mephisto is now available for battle and they added new daily missions!

Ghost Rider and Man-Thing will have increased draw rates through November 14th and will get 5 luck per draw instead of the normal 1! Also, they will have increased stats during November to help with battles.

In addition to the new orb box Tsum Tsums they have also added a limited time "daily missions" that will be available during the month of November.

Each day you will be able to play "challenge" games until you are able to get a capsule.

Capsules will appear randomly during the game and you get the capsule by hitting it with bombs or skills 3 times. The first capsule will always be a "rare" or "orb" capsule; however, after you get that one you may get up to 2 more "normal" capsules.

Each capsule will get you a prize. Orb capsules will give you 5 orbs, "Rare" capsules will get you various types of Iso-8, item tickets, or coins, "Normal" capsules can give you coins, boosters, Item tickets or Yellow Iso-8.

Every 5th day you will get an "Orb" capsule.

In addition to the daily missions and new orb box characters, Mephisto is now available for battle! Ghost Rider has an advantage against Mephisto. Like many villain characters after doing a certain amount of damage Mephisto will get stronger. After he gets stronger, one of his skill will create two flaming balls that will circle around him and ignite Tsums. The ignited Tsums will do damage to you until you clear them. You can use bombs or skill to damage the flaming balls and make them go away; however, Ghost Rider's skill will immediately extinguish the flaming balls which is VERY helpful.




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